Kathleen's piano studio was founded in 1982, in Logan, Utah by Kathleen Lloyd. She has taught in and out of Cache Valley and currently teaches students of all ages and abilities in Smithfield, Utah. Her desire is to help every student understand the mechanics of music and become fully functional musicians. She truly loves music and wants to cultivate that love in every student she has the opportunity to teach.

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Studio Offerings

Kathleen's studio offers so much more than basic piano lessons.

hands on piano

Private Lessons

Private music lessons are just the beginning of the offerings of this studio.

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tech books

Group Theory

Nationally recognized theory program used in conservatories and private studios across the nation.

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tech sheets

Complete Piano Technique Program

Lesson plans, course outlines and everything you'd expect from a professional music studio.

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Multiple Recital Opportunities and Competitions

Musicians need opportunities to exhibit their skills, see progress, and compete for prizes.

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Ensembles and Concertos

Making music with others has a magic all of its own. Piano music isn't just for solo performances.

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Extensive Music Lending Library

Kathleen's Piano Studio boasts a large music lending library available to her students.

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Composition, Transposing and Arranging

Becoming a musician means much more than just playing the piano.

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USU Monster Concert

Kids of all ages love the annual Monster Concert held at Utah State University. Don't miss it!

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Music Money (with spending opportunities)

A fun incentive system for students.

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Practice Rebates

Nothing pays off like consistent practice.

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Student Pizza Party

Pizza. The favorite way to celebrate a job well done.

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First Testimony

Testimonial #1

"My children have flourished in Kathleen Lloyd's studio. Kathleen has an uncanny ability for teaching theory and technique by using these elements as tools to introduce new piano pieces. This makes these sometimes abstracted concepts highly relevant for students at any level. And she has high expectations for each of her students, but she also connects with them in upbeat, fun, and imaginative ways. She's a master at motivation. She even brings a consistent element of fun to her piano recitals. Sure, her students are well prepared, but she also goes above and beyond to find ways to build community with the various members of her studio.

After a year in this environment, my children's abilities in sight reading have grown dramatically. They've also grown comfortable performing in front of others. Her skills in preparing students for performance events are remarkable, even helping students continue to fine tune pieces the day before a competition. Her commitment is inspiring.

I think it's rare to find a piano instructor with such a deep knowledge of her craft who can simultaneously find ways to keep piano study enjoyable as she leads students to excellence.

It's a gift to have Kathleen's genius at work developing my children's abilities, self expression, and discipline."

— E.G.

Testimonial #2

"My four children have been taking piano lessons from Kathleen Lloyd's studio for 13 years. We drive 30 minutes each way so that we can participate in her Keyboard Gymnastic Piano Program. She has not only helped them to become incredible pianists and musicians, but she has helped them (and continues to help them) grow up into wonderful, responsible, hard working, courageous, talented human beings.

She stretches and pushes them in ways that I cannot as their mother... and she does this in a positive, sweet, kind way. My kids love he. They refer to her as their 'piano mom.' What higher compliment could be given?"

— R. E.