Very often we find ourselves asking the same questions that been asked by others. To speed up the response time for answers we have included this page. Below are some of the questions we felt were the most common.

What is the Charge for Piano Lessons?

During the School Year, tuition is $120 per month for a weekly 40 minute lesson $180 per month for a weekly 60 minute lesson. This fee includes a 40 minute theory class held approximately every other week. See Calendar for specific days.

The fee for Summer lessons is $240 for eight 40 minute lessons and $360 for eight 60 minute lessons. Theory classes are not offered in the Summer. The fee may be made in two payments of $120 (or $180) the first due June 1st and the second due July 1st. A late payment fee of $25 applies.

Are There Any Other Fees?

Yes. Each year in August there is a yearly registration fee of $120, due August 1st This fee covers each students Keyboard Gymnastics™ theory book, Keyboard Gymnastics™ entrance fees, incentives/prizes, lending library, recitals and supplies.

What Days and Times are Available?

My Studio is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Time slots begin at 2pm most of these days, with the last lesson beginning at 7p. Morning times beginning at 7am are also available. I teach mornings on request. Occasionally I teach make-up lessons on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I do not teach on Sundays.

When is the Studio Closed?

My Studio is closed weekly on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The days that the students are out of school (national holidays) are also days I close the Studio. I encourage you to review the calendar if you have specific days you're wondering about.

How Do I Pay for Lessons?

Payments are due the first day of the month prior to receiving lessons. Accepted payments are personal check, cash. Late fees apply after the 10th day of the month.

How Do I Buy Lesson Books?

Lesson (method and supplementary) books are available at the Booktable in downtown Logan, Utah--or online from Amazon.com. I will write the required materials in the student's lesson notebook.

What if My Child is a Transfer Student--Will he/she Need to Start as a Beginner?

I interview each student prior to accepting them into my studio--this interview will include a demonstration by the potential student of their skills and knowledge. Based on what they show me I can easily place them at the appropriate level. The potential student's age is not a cause for concern.

What Does My Child Do At Group Theory Class?

Theory classes are held twice a month as noted on the calendar. Your child will be assigned to a class held on a certain day and time of the week. Students are grouped for their theory class according to their theory book. During class students participate in games and activities that help them understand the concept being taught. Students will be given a yearly outline of the units covered each month. Ear-training is also taught during class time. Ear-training examples are available for most of the theory books online at KJOS.com. Follow the links below for the ear-training examples in your theory book.

What Is The Technic Program My Child Will Be Using?

The technic I use is one I co-wrote for the Keyboard Gymnastics achievement program. It covers all the essential technic needed to become a skilled pianist. As the student progresses through the technic levels they also learn keyboard theory and skills such as transposing, arranging and composing. These skills are divided into charts that are in your child's lesson notebook. You can see their progress as each skill is being passed off with check marks and stickers.

Does My Child Have To Attend All The Recitals?

Students should plan to attend all recitals. Some recitals are optional and those are noted on the calendar. The Keyboard Gymnastics events are required. If there is illness or a family emergency, please contact me so I can make other arrangements for KG performance opportunities.

How Does Music Money Work?

Music money is given when students pass off pieces or when goals are accomplished, but the most music money is earned when the students complete their theory book assignments. This money may be spent on candy that is available to buy after their private lesson.

How Does The Practice Rebate Work?

Practicing is essential and required. To encourage practice I offer a rebate of $10 cash to students who practice their full time, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks in a row. Practice times vary and are determined by me.

Who Gets To Come to the Pizza Party?

At the end of the school year students take a test on the materials they have learned in their theory class. Those who achieve a score of 80% or better on both the theory and ear-training tests may attend the pizza party. We usually have more than pizza, though. We watch a Veggie Tales movie and drink soda and eat popsicles and sometimes have other prizes too. The party is at my house in May. Check the calendar for the precise date. This party is a favorite among students!